Orbital Dynamics is a civilian commercial organisation run along corporate lines. Instead of a rigid chain of command, we employ reporting lines and a culture of empowering individuals to use their discretion within guidelines. Ranks and titles are designations of responsibility and trust; rather than unquestioning authority. Ultimately this delivers the best of both worlds, by allowing the organisation to act decisively when required, but also leverage the inputs and talents of all members who wish to contribute. This approach is further strengthened by a meritocratic culture. For the capable, this means opportunities for progression, even to the highest levels of the organisation.

Outside of our core Industry Department, there are career opportunities for fighter pilots, explorers and administrative roles. Their equal status is reflected by a commitment to ensure they share in the profitability of the organisation, to the full extent possible. For these pilots, Orbital Dynamics' mission ensures a challenging context and a chance to make a real difference; our focus on frontier zones ensures that our fighter pilots never have to look for the fight and our explorers are well positioned to launch expeditions deep into the unknown ensuring a successful 24/7 interstellar operation.

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Fan Spotlight: Ship Designs

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New United: Tragedy in the Skies

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16 Apr 2014 - Galactic Guide: Odin

Galactic Guide: Odin

Explore another one of Star Citizen's distant worlds!
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